We know EMS Billing inside and out.
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Sharp Ambulance Billing brings the most cost efficient ambulance billing services to the market. Our advanced automation insures the lowest cost and the most revenue for your hard work and dedication to serving your patients – because you deserve it.

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Sharp Ambulance Billing is passionate about Ambulance Billing and the EMS industry and are driven to insure that every dollar that can be collected is collected. Whether you need specialized facilities billing, or billing to Private Insurance, Private Pay or Medicare/Medicaid patients we can meet your needs.

Certification and Compliance

Sharp Ambulance Billing maintains on Staff a CACO – Certified Ambulance Compliance Officer ,a CAPO – Certified Ambulance Privacy Officer, and a CADS - Certified Ambulance Documentation Specialist. All three maintain the systems and processes at Sharp to insure complete compliance. Our Coders also have the Certified Ambulance Coder (CAC) certification. Our team is committed to insuring HIPAA and HITECH compliance, meeting state and federal requirements, and coding claims as accurately as possible.


Accuracy starts when the transport details are passed onto the billing team. We can import information electronically from your existing CAD/ePCR systems to maximize efficiency and correctness. We can also work with you to automate paper Patient Care Records and paper Dispatch information.

24/7 Information Access

Business growth and monitoring requires information. As your business is 24/7 your billing data is available 24/7 as well. Through our advanced and secure web portal you can review your daily, weekly, monthly, yearly reports and statistics at your leisure. Need a special report? Not a problem, custom reporting is included and we can build reports to meet your specific requirements.

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Trend Analysis and Consulting

Our accounting experts are available to assist with previous period comparisons, trends, and detailed specifics about what is and is not paid. If your current vendor cannot tell you in minutes what tickets are paid and - more importantly - not paid, then you need a new vendor.

Customer Service

Your customers are our customers. While you take the time to provide the best of care, we want to complete the cycle with a friendly and professional billing process. We politely and effectively deal with patients requests and are careful to do so in a way that leaves them feeling positive about your service.


Sharp Ambulance Billing doesn't just process your billing, we also provide the information you need to run your business effectively. In addition to Month End reporting, 24/7 access to your data, and customizable reporting, we also offer a real-time dashboard with key performance indicators so you can quickly get an overview of your business trends. You can then drill down to any level of detail with our flexible reporting engine, all through our web access portal.

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About Us

Sharp Ambulance Billing, a division of Oososharp, LLC, was founded by the team who automated and modernized the Ambulance Billing industry. In 2008, the Oososharp team brought JefBar Software Services to the EMS Billing and Dispatch market. Our team designed the software and trained over 30 of the top ambulance billing companies in the nation to ensure no bill was left behind and unpaid. Beginning in 2015, we are expanding on that expertise to bring the best of the billing industry direct to the EMS market.

Jason Christian Picture Barry Christian, CEO

Barry brings Sharp Ambulance Billing 35 years of experience in the software development and support industry, including leading JefBar Software Services - an industry leader in Ambulance Billing and Dispatch software - since its inception. Barry was intimately involved with the software development and industry improvements in the EMS/Ambulance Billing Industry. Previously he worked for Apple Computer in the rapid growth years of the 1980’s and was CEO at International Business System's (IBS) North American Operations for more than 20 years. Professionally, Barry has lead technology innovation in a number of industries and is known for bringing new products and new technology to market that revolutionizes those industries. Personally, Barry has a history of involvement in many community organizations including the Folsom Lake College Foundation and the Folsom Economic Development Corporation. He is distinctly aware of the needs of large organizations from his work with companies whose revenues exceeded $1B, but has an equally strong understanding of small businesses and was a board member of several start-up companies.

Jason Christian Picture Jason Christian, CIO - CAPO

Jason Christian leads the Sharp Ambulance Billing technology group as well as serving as Sharp's Certified Ambulance Privacy Officer (CAPO). In addition to a CAPO certification, Jason holds a bachelors degree from University of California, Berkeley. His mission is to automate and use technology to create innovative billing process solutions. Prior to working with Sharp Ambulance Billing, Jason was founding member and Chief Technology Officer at JefBar Software Services. While at JefBar, he led the technology group and R&D department to design and build JefBar Billing and JefBar Dispatch. He specializes in complex product development in very short time frames. He uses technology to produce easy to use, flexible and highly functional systems with low costs to maintain. Jason brings a rich history of managing and consulting as a system designer, developer and installer of complex systems for Global Fortune 500 companies. His background includes extensive development in Java and C# and working with developing systems that run in small environments and extremely large and complex environments. His products are known to be some of the industry's simplest to use, yet powerful in their ability to save their users time and money.

Anthony Renteria Picture Anthony Renteria, Vice President - CACO, CAPO, CADS

Tony Renteria brings over 20 years of experience in using technology to improve his customers productivity and accuracy to Sharp Ambulance Billing. Tony entered the world of technology after 12 years in the Marines, and has had various roles including management, sales and operations. He spent most of his career working with the reduction of costs, helping companies run faster and more efficient with technology as a driving force. This merges well with the philosophy of Sharp Ambulance Billing, which is to maximize collections at the lowest cost, often providing services for less cost then in-house billing. As a true believer in “the right tool for the right job” he has been an invaluable resource to numerous CEO’s and CFO’s who looked to grow their business from a small business to a midsized one. He is a CACO (Certified Ambulance Compliance Officer), CAPO (Certified Ambulance Privacy Officer) and CADS (Certified Ambulance Documentation Specialist). Tony is currently the President of his Rotary Club and spends countless hours and his own personal resources helping his local community, where he is known for his idea to partner Rotary with the local police department to help those who fell between the cracks that the government had overlooked.

Jessica Northcutt Picture Jessica Northcutt, Operations Manager - CACO, CADS, CAC

Jessica manages the complete day to day billing process and all the Sharp AB operational staff. She brings many years of Ambulance/EMS billing experience to the Leadership at Sharp Ambulance Billing. She is a CACO (Certified Ambulance Compliance Officer), CADS (Certified Ambulance Documentation Specialist), and a CAC (Certified Ambulance Coder). Her wealth of experience in ensuring compliance and insuring every bill gets tracked down to a successful outcome has been proven at Sharp in her time as Operations Supervisor resulting in her promotion to Operations Manager. With her team of Supervisors and Certified Coders, Jessica ensures the work not only gets done but gets done right. Her previous years working in the industry include working for medium and large ambulance services, and more importantly she has experience working with billing services for Ambulance/EMS industry and all their unique challenges. Her training includes constant updates to ensure our team is well aware of the industry changes. Jessica and her teams commitment to our clients also includes maintaining excellent customer communications on a daily basis.


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You can contact us at 844-259-4003 or support@sharpab.com.

Sharp Ambulance Billing provides online data access for clients, use the link below to access this service.

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